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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can we ever go back?

As I stayed home from work last week with my ill, 6 year old daughter, I felt such sweet sorrow.  I loved staying home, taking care of her and getting caught up on housework and yet I felt guilty for taking time off work and losing 2 days worth of income.

My second day back at work this week has really got me thinking, am I really where I should be?  I'm a mother of 3 children and 1 step child.  I work 40 hours a week away from home and then another 20 hours at home doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and any other odd jobs that need to be done.  After these 2 difficult days back to work at my day job I began pondering the question, can we ever go back to the way it was in the 1950s?  I'm talking about women staying home taking care of the family.  I know many women's rights activists may get angry with my question, but I firmly believe that we were created for certain purposes. 

A woman's purpose is a nurturer and caregiver.  We were made to stay at home with our children and even school them at home.  I believe we would have a better society if the women could home-school their children while the men go to work.  I know, that touches on a whole different arena because I know there are men who stay at home. 

I know families where the women home-school their children.  They aren't wealthy by any means, they just live on a tight budget.  Some of the children are grown up and married now and they turned about beautifully and I believe that the parents had a lot to do with that.  I know a family where the mother home schooled half of her kids, the ones she home schooled never rebelled, the others that she sent to public school did rebel.  I am not saying that home-schooling is the complete answer or even a stay-at-home mom is the answer, but it is part of the answer. 

I know we can't go back in society, but we keep track of historical events to prevent mistakes made in the past.  Sadly we are making more mistakes now, but it is becoming the past, and we can look back and see what worked better.

My goal is to be at home with my kids and hopefully be able to home-school them before they enter high school.  I pray God gets me there and gives to the motivation to get there sooner than later.

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