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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Heart of the Matter

I waited in anticipation for the 2nd Presidential Debate.  I watched the first hour and a half and decided I had seen all I needed to.  The minute either candidate stated what the other had said was false, I started thinking, what's the point of watching the entire debate since I would need to hear from the 'fact checkers' afterwards anyway.  I'm not sure what disgusts me more, a person lying or the person calling them a liar.  One way or another someone is lying.  But I guess what's more important is that the person telling the lie will come out and apologize for it.

We all make mistakes, I am very sympathetic in that area.  But I also understand that if a person continually does the mistake after apologizing each time, then that person loses credibility.  For instance, when former President Bill Clinton firmly claimed not to have had 'sexual relations' with Monica Lewinsky and then later came out and stated the opposite, I lost trust in what Mr. Clinton would tell the public.

Does it really matter then if either candidate meets the qualifications of President if we can't trust him anyway?  The President could be doing things for his best interest instead of the interest for the country.  What it all comes down to is the heart.

We need a person in office who cares more about the hearts of others than of himself.  Who would risk his reputation for the better of the country?  Maybe we should not only look at records but also at character.  They go hand in hand.  We can't have one without the other.  What good, for instance, is a Border Patrol Agent who knows all the laws, but breaks them anyway.

It all comes back to the heart and yes the heart does matter!

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